How to Decide Between the Maclaren Triumph and Maclaren Techno XT

Published: 22nd August 2010
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My mother is from England. Although she loves my American father, she didn't quite love relocating to the states. She did her best to support her home country in every way possible. She petitioned to have our small road renamed "Three Lions Drive," anytime my father flew the American flag she made sure there was a spot for the English flag and she even named my older sister Rose.

One of my earliest memories is how excited she was when my Maclaren stroller arrived. She sat me in it and told me all about how not only were these the best "buggies" on the market, but also the original (Mom will have to forgive me for calling them strollers instead of buggies).

The other weekend I announced to my parents that I'm three months pregnant. By Monday I received a gift certificate from mom for Albee Baby. Perhaps she thinks in the days of internet and fast food, everything is done quicker. I tried to explain I still have another six months before we'll even really see the baby. She just replied, "You can never be too prepared. Now which Maclaren Stroller will you get? The Maclaren Triumph or Maclaren Techno XT?" I guess someone's been keeping up with the baby stroller trends! I, on the other hand, had no idea what she was talking about!

My mom would be devastated if I didn't get a Maclaren stroller. She'd say, "You know, you're my daughter and English, too!" And then there'd be a bit of silent treatment. It was much easier to listen from the start. Besides, I remember being very found of my own Maclaren stroller back in the day.

While doing research I found that while the Maclaren Techno XT could be used from birth, the Maclaren Triumph could not. Infants need to lay completely flat in the stroller and the Techno XT fully reclines. The Triumph can be used once the baby is three months.

I noticed that Maclaren offers a lifetime warranty on all strollers. Impressive. I started by checking out the Maclaren Techno XT. It only weighs 15 pounds and has a carrying strap, which I liked because my husband, David, and I love car trips and traveling. Portability is a priority. The Maclaren Triumph is even lighter at 11.5 pounds and is umbrella fold making it compact and easy to store.

Both the Maclaren Techno XT and Maclaren Triumph seemed like perfect strollers with five point harnesses, foot operated parking brakes, lightweight aluminum frames and other extras like rain covers and shopping baskets. I was having a tough time picking. I did think it was really neat the Techno XT has reversible liners with one side patterned and the other solid. It would be like having two strollers! But David thought that was a poor deciding factor.

Finally, we rationalized it would be best to get a stroller we could use right away. We were decided on the Maclaren Techno XT when we got a delivery from UPS. It was from David's mother and it was a Techno XT. Seriously. And she's not even an overly patriotic Brit! So that made our decision easier. We placed an order for the Maclaren Triumph and thought two strollers could definitely be useful, especially with how active we are. And it would be like having three strollers! Besides, you never know, maybe baby will have a sibling soon. Well, not too soon. I do still have six months to go on this pregnancy. I really am my mother's daughter!

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